Father’s Day. A Day of Miracles

MIKES_0002_edited-1A day for my three Miracles.  Each one coming forth from the womb of their mother, Diane.  Each one coming forth at just the right time, in just the right sequence, in perfect order.  Each one resting in the Eternal womb of God, waiting for marching orders from His Spirit, hearing  the word, “Charge” from the Word of God, His Son Jesus. Born in time at the very moment predestined for them. My heart is full at this Good Moment as I consider the Father’s Day gifts that they are to me.

My first born, Rachel.  Her name means “To journey;  a ewe.  .  .a predominant female of the flock;  a good traveler;  the favorite wife of Jacob in the Bible; beautiful in form and countenance.” God gave her that name and it fits her to a tee.  She has been on an extraordinary journey.  .  .through mountains and valleys, through rivers and streams, sailing across the ocean of life and like the Titanic, pierced in her hull by an iceberg.  But rescued by the strong arm of God.

    “But now says the Lord that created you oh wife of Jacob and that formed you oh daughter of the flock of  Israel, ‘Fear not for I have redeemed thee, I have called you by My Name;  you are Mine.  When you pass through the waters, I will be with you and when you pass through the rivers, you shall not drown.”  Isaiah 43:1-2

Rachel is beautiful in form and countenance.  Her trials, her failures, her                    MIKES_0004_edited-1shortcomings and her own personal pain have all worked together, to make her who she is today.  A devoted wife to her Jacob, Mark;  a Loving mother to their sweet daughter, Shelby  .  .  .the spitting image of her mom;  and a daughter who has blessed her parents with her kindness and thoughtfulness.    She is a friend of Bill W’s and a friend to others who struggle in life.  She is returning to school to become a social worker and use her own personal experiences in life to help others.  I call her Rachy.  I love her.

My middle child, Jessica.  The bridge between her sister and brother. Her name means, “To stand out;  there is great substance;  accomplished;  a beacon;  God sees.”  God certainly knew what He was doing when he gave her that name.  From the moment she was born, she was unique.  .  .a standout in her personality and full of determination as she navigated through life.  In her weakness God sees her and she has found Strength.

    “And God said to me, ‘My Grace, My Divine Influence in your heart and its reflection in your life, is sufficient for you;  for My Strength is made perfect in your weakness. So I can boast about my weakness because it is only there that God’s power rests on me.  When I am weak humanly, God is Strong in me and through me.” 2Corinthians 12:9-10 


MIKES_0003_edited-1She too has gone through some difficult times; but it was in those very moments of despair and pain that God has filled her with Great Substance and made His own light to shine in her that has made her a Beacon of kindness and love to others.  She is a fearless explorer and delights in the wonders of nature.  Jessie is an all natural gal with a supernatural soul.  She loves her family and her friends with her whole heart and soul.  She brings light into the darker shades of my soul and makes my heart smile.  I call her Gigi.  I love her.

My youngest, Benjamin.  His birth coincided with my second birth, when the very Life of God became a reality in my soul.  His name means, ” Son of the right hand of God;  a builder of the Father’s name;  a strong, male sheep; a gentle lamb;  very fruitful.”  A name given to him in Heaven, before time began.  From the moment he arrived, he was the apple of his sister’s eyes.  They couldn’t get over it.  A live doll to play with!  We still laugh when we talk about the time when they were pushing him rather briskly down the driveway in his buggy and the girls tripped together and catapulted Ben onto the concrete.  The right hand of God had gripped him tightly that day and other times, when he was kept from danger and disaster.

     “The steps of a Good man, a son of God,  are ordered and arranged perfectly by the Lord and He delights in his child.  Though he falls many times, he shall not be seriously harmed for the Lord holds him with His Strong Right Hand.”  Psalm 37:23-24

Ben has been challenged with disappointments, frustrations and bumps in the road.  MIKES_0001_edited-1But he continues to learn that the strength needed to be a leader in the flock and the gentleness required to be a lover in the flock, can only come from trials and tribulations.  He is a genuinely sweet man who is discovering that being fruitful is a gift from God.  When he and I have a good heart to heart moment, I am blessed with his vulnerability and trust.  I marvel at God’s own workmanship in the character of my son, who sits at the right hand of his father’s heart next to his sisters.

photo(14)I have many regrets for those moments that something other than Love embraced their precious, innocent hearts and caused them pain and anguish.  It grieves me to think about it.  I am so sorry.  There is a promise from God in the Bible that says, “I will restore the years the locust have eaten.  .  .the giant locust and the locust swarm.  These are the things I will do.”  I am so grateful that He found me, one of His lost sheep and that His Love, His own Son, found a Way into my heart.  .  .and found a Way to forgive me.  He found a Way to change a locust into a Lover.  It is this Love, His own Love that now embraces their hearts through this simple man that I am.  It is this Love that restores and reunites broken hearts.  It is on this day we celebrate “Our Father Who art in Heaven.  Hallowed be Thy Name.” These are my children.  My Father’s Day Miracles.  Such a Happy Father’s Day.