“What All Liars Have in Common”. . .an Excerpt from a Liars Anonymous Meeting

Hi.  My name is Mike.  .  and I’m a recovering liar.  I’ve been given the opportunity to give the lead today.  It’s always difficult to be self-revealing and vulnerable, especially when it comes to exposing our failures and short-comings.  When you spend the first thirty-four years of your life in denial, it’s remarkable that youContinue reading ““What All Liars Have in Common”. . .an Excerpt from a Liars Anonymous Meeting”

Co(s)mic Relief: Earth, the Fart Joke of the Universe

Thirty five years ago on a Tuesday morning, I sat listening to my counselor as he described a particular person in his life who was a challenge.  As he worked his way down to his deepest feelings about the man, he called him “a total ashhole.”  My counselor was my pastor and he worked hardContinue reading “Co(s)mic Relief: Earth, the Fart Joke of the Universe”

The Little Lyre Bird (pronounced, “Liar-bird”)

One day last week, as I was scrolling down the page on Facebook, I noticed a video from BBC about a very extraordinary bird who lives in Southern Australia and it caught my attention.  His name is the Lyre Bird.  As I watched and listened to his story, I got that deja vu feeling thatContinue reading “The Little Lyre Bird (pronounced, “Liar-bird”)”

If My Memory Serves me Right. . .

A few weeks ago I was driving in the car with my two granddaughters, Shelby and Amber.  Shelby is almost four and Amber will be one this month.  I had just picked Shelby up from preschool.  I asked her how the day went and she said, “Good Grampa.  I played with my friend Robana.”  IContinue reading “If My Memory Serves me Right. . .”

Hope for the Sick at Heart

Twenty-five years ago, I was a teacher in an adult Sunday school class.  The name given to the class was the Hebrew word Rapha, which means “to slacken, abate, cease, consume, fail, be faint, be feeble, idle, be weak.”  But then the definition continues.   .   .”to mend by stitching;  to cure, cause to heal, physician,Continue reading “Hope for the Sick at Heart”