The Fireman Who Could Fly

Two days ago, my Lily and I were walking in the valley and she spotted something moving in the underbrush.  As we got closer, she shouted  “It’s the Fireman.”  He had gotten himself tangled up in some tumbleweed.  Certainly a strange predicament for an eagle.  He had been trying to free himself from the stickers and branches and was tired and weary. . .and almost out of strength.

As Lily was helping him get free, we noticed that his feathers were molting.  He wasn’t able  to fly.  As he kept trying, he got caught up in the weeds.  It can be terrifying for a young eagle to lose his feathers for the first time.  It can scare him to death.  All of the eagles know the feeling.  The fear is overwhelming.  The fear of the unknown.  The fear that it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. . .if it ever gets better.  As she continued to rescue him, she whispered in his ear.

“Do not fear for He is with you.  Do not be anxious and afraid, for He is your God. He will strengthen you and help you. He will hold you up with His Divine arms.”

The fireman has always been a “high-flyer”.  .  .rescuing others, taking risks with his own life to save others.  Running and never being weary.  Walking and never being faint-hearted.  Flying into the face of his fears, facing fear itself.  Now he is helpless and without his wings. . .and can only fear the worst.

Many years ago, a local farmer came to the office to try to deal with his failing marriage.  His farm covered hundreds of acres.  He grew soybeans and corn.  Each year he would select the best corn from his crop to use as seed the following growing season. One day he brought in a small bag that was filled with his special seed corn.  I took out one of the seeds and placed it on the top of my desk, where we could both see it.  It was a great looking kernel.  Seriously.  It was huge and golden in color.  Strong and vibrant in its own way.  As I looked at it and the other kernels in the bag, I said to the farmer, “They’ve all been spared the death sentence. They are free to remain what they are.”

“Truly, truly I say to you. Except a kernel of corn  falls into the ground and dies, it stays in its present state. . .singular, only one.  But if it dies, it brings forth much fruit. . .becoming the stalk of many.”

The Divine Farmer plants His seed with Love, knowing the outcome because it was predetermined irrevocably by Him before time. . .ordered in all things and certain.

The fireman is finally free from the bush and Lily is holding him in her arms, reassuring him that her Father knows what He’s doing.  “He knows the way that you take. When He has finished refining you in the fires of this trial. . .when the heat created by the fears that you have,  burns all of your own strength away. . . you will come forth as His Gold.”  He looked at her with tears in his eyes and said, “I want to be a man of faith and I can’t produce it. . .my wings won’t carry me to it.  It’s too high for me to reach.”

The kernel of corn is dying. . .to everything it was and to everything he  believed he possessed. As the days and weeks have gone by, as he lies with fear in the darkness of the soil, the inner substance of the corn explodes. . .like fireworks.  And the new-birth comes forth from the ground and the tender shoot reaches for the Son,  and angels are in awe at the spectacle  that fills the sky. A Golden Stalk is born.  And the eagle is given new wings, fitted in Heaven to enable him to fly above the Rainbow of God’s Love.  The eagle-eyes of the Fireman can now see the Pot of Gold that his Father has given to him as an inheritance.

The Riches of a King.  Love.  Joy.  Peace.  Patience.  Power.  Courage. Faith. A Sound Mind.  All securely held for future use in God’s Gift to the little flock. . .in the hands of the Only Man of Faith,  His Son, Jesus.  That’s why you can do all things. . .because you possess all things…because all things are yours, in union with Him.  Whenever the eagles prepare for flight, they look to the writing tatooed on the inside of their wings, “Not I. but Christ” and they are enabled to walk through rivers and not drown. . .and walk through fires and not be burned.

A Brand New set of feathers and wings, my friend.  It’s a sure thing.  He will keep you in Perfect Peace.

Freely given.   Freely received.   Free Love