“The Sailor Man”

Hi, my name is Mike.  I am a recovering human.”  Hi Mike.  “Before we get started, are there are any updates about our friends?”  My Lily has her hand up.  “I wanted to let everyone know that the Fireman is doing much better.  His new wings have grown out and he said that he’s almost back to HIM-self.  I was watching him this  morning and noticed that he was walking around like a peacock eagle, flexing his new wings in the mirror.  But he told me that he feels humbled by the whole experience and he’ so grateful that he sees it now. . .God’s eternal vision for him, that everything in his life has been authored before time and all the fires he’s walked through were necessary.  His old feathers and wings had to go so he could be fitted with new ones, specially made for him.  His maiden flight is tomorrow.  . .right at Son-rise.”  He reminds me a lot, of the sailor man.

       “Some go down to the sea and travel over it in ships, to do business in the great waters of life.  These sailors see the works of God and the wonders of the great ocean.  For  He commands and raises the stormy wind, which lifts up the waves of the sea. . .and then their courage melts away because of the storms.”

It’s not a pretty sight. . .Dumbo sheep who look like they’re drowning.  That “soaked with troubles” wool really weighs them down. . .and the scent of wet wool is not exactly the fragrance of lilies or roses. And they’re not good swimmers to begin with.  There’s even a song written about them.  I was listening to it this morning.  It was written by Leonard Cohen. He sings it with  Judy Collins.   It’s just beautiful.  It’s called, “Suzanne.”

       “Jesus was a Sailor when He walked upon the water, and He spent a long time watching from His lonely wooden tower.”

Up until the early 80″s, I made my living as a sea-faring man.  After 30 years of it, sailing from sea to shining sea, I couldn’t do it anymore.  But there was one more voyage I had to make.  I had no choice.  “It was meant to be,” as they say.  I was given the orders to sail across the Dead Sea, during the storm season.  All of the sea dogs at the meeting today know all too well, what that is like.  It’s amazing that we’re all still here to tell our stories.  We should have drowned.

       “And when He knew for certain only drowning men can see Him, He said ‘All men will be sailors then, until the sea shall free them.”

One of the newbie sailor sheep is waving her hand.  She looks and acts so much like my Lily.  She always has something good to say.  They both have so much in common.  In fact both of them almost drowned, sailing alone at night.  ‘Yes Love, what is it?”

       “When I was young, my father told me a story about Jesus and His sailors.  They were all crossing over the Black Sea in a small boat.  A furious storm of hurricane proportions rose up and the giant waves waves and the winds were filling the boat with water. They were really scared because they were going to drown.  But Jesus was in the stern of the boat, sound asleep on a leather cushion.

They woke Him up and said, “Don’t You care that we’re drowning?”  He rose up from where He had been sleeping and said to the sea, “Hush now, be still.”  And the wind ceased. . .and the waves disappeared.  Immediately there was a great calm.  The long-timers call it a ‘Perfect Peacefulness’ Jesus said to them, “Why are you so timid and fearful?”  And they were filled with amazement that even the wind and the sea obey Him.”

Lily of the ValleyLily cannot restrain herself.  Her scent is filling the room with the fragrance of His intoxicating love.  And she’s singing like an angel.

       “But He Himself was broken, long before the sky would open; forsaken, almost human. . .He sank beneath Your wisdom like a stone.”

He for me,  she said with tears in her eyes.  “Someone had to drown in the Dead Sea. Not me, but Him, because He knew that only drowning men could see Him. . .drowning in the sea of their own sins. . .and that He sank like a stone.”

The Sailor Man.  The Captain of each sinking sheep.. The lilies and the Dumbo sheep, the eagles and the sailor sheep. . .are all safely on board the Rescue Ship.  The Captain of their salvation has remained on board.  They all watched Him go down.  And they all watched Him Rise up.

Sailor men and women, drowning in their storms, hearing Him speak to the wind and the waves in their heart, Hush now. Be still.”  Perfect Rest.  Perfect Peace.  Sailing over the Rainbow of His Love.

Freely given.  Freely Received.  Free, Love.