“You Just Need a GOOD Pep Talk”

Wednesday morning I sat in the office with a young woman whose heart was crushed and the vitality of life was no longer pumping through the veins and arteries of her soul.  She could only whimper and feel the tears run down her cheeks.  Her best girlfriend was with her and spoke for her. HerContinue reading ““You Just Need a GOOD Pep Talk””

“Excuse Me. . .There’s Something Hanging From your Nose”

Hi.  My name is Mike.  I’m a human and the colt of a wild ass.  (“For vain man would be wise, though man be born the colt of a wild ass.” Job 11:12) Everyone shouted out,“Hi Mike”.   The Dumbo sheep and the Glow worms, the Fireman and the Sailors, the Lilies and the Roses,Continue reading ““Excuse Me. . .There’s Something Hanging From your Nose””

The Fireman Who Could Fly

Two days ago, my Lily and I were walking in the valley and she spotted something moving in the underbrush.  As we got closer, she shouted  “It’s the Fireman.”  He had gotten himself tangled up in some tumbleweed.  Certainly a strange predicament for an eagle.  He had been trying to free himself from the stickersContinue reading “The Fireman Who Could Fly”