A Lily from His Garden….”The Greatest is Charity”

All of the sheep in attendance at the meeting today  possess something Special, given to them unconditionally.  .  .and free of charge.  The first Gift that they all receive is a Bouquet of Flowers made up exclusively of Lilies of the Valley and Roses of Sharon.  My Lily has been picking them since the dayContinue reading “A Lily from His Garden….”The Greatest is Charity””

Dependence Day Celebration. . . “Heaven’s Fireworks”

The sheep have been waiting for Dependence Day to come.  The meeting  will be crowded. . .just like church is on Christmas.  The two days have three important things in common.  Both are Holidays;  both are Holy days and both are Birthdays.  Everyone will be in attendance today.  My Lily has decorated the hall withContinue reading “Dependence Day Celebration. . . “Heaven’s Fireworks””