“A Flying Pig. . .Who Knew?”

 I remember a Far Side cartoon that depicted the inhabitants of hell, surrounded by freezing snow and ice.  One of the poor souls said to the other, “The Cubs must have won the World Series.”  (When hell freezes over.)  In a Wayne”s World skit, the phrase “When monkeys fly out of my butt” was popularized. Continue reading ““A Flying Pig. . .Who Knew?””

The Best MOTHER in the Whole Universe

I’ve come to the meeting early  so I could share a few things with you before all of the sheep arrive.  It’s a very special day today.  It’s Mother’s Day.  .  .and we are in store for a few surprises that my Lily has arranged.  The very first Mother’s Day that I remember as aContinue reading “The Best MOTHER in the Whole Universe”