“A Smitten Sheep Dog Named Mephy”

I came early to the meeting today so I could talk to you before the others arrived. My heart is full of anguish and I needed to talk about it more privately with someone. I am going to entrust the feelings and thoughts of my soul to you. My heart is overwhelmed with the rigorsContinue reading ““A Smitten Sheep Dog Named Mephy””

“Blind Bart and His Seeing Eye-sheep”

It’s an open HA (Humans Anonymous) meeting today.  The regulars are encouraged to invite family and friends who might be interested in lying down in green pastures or resting beside still waters.  I just saw My Lily come in with her friend Bart.  He was born blind and requires continuous  help in navigating around inContinue reading ““Blind Bart and His Seeing Eye-sheep””

“THE Valentine’s Day Card”

My Lily is at the door today, collecting Valentines from the Dumbo sheep and the eagles, all the sailors and firemen and the little donkeys and glowworms.  She’s going to hand them out a little later.  All the sheep are here today.  They love Valentine’s Day. We always make it a rule to exchange ValentineContinue reading ““THE Valentine’s Day Card””

“The Colt of a Wild Ass”

Traditionally, recovery groups like to maintain confidentiality.  Today we have made an exception.  The newbie colts had a picnic over the weekend and I was fortunate enough to be invited.  We had the Rancher take a group picture of us so we could show it off at the meeting today.   As they say, “A pictureContinue reading ““The Colt of a Wild Ass””

“A Free Faith. . .With an Unconditional Guarantee”

I was just eating a bowl of Life with some Fruit, while watching a portion of the movie, “The Adjustment Bureau.”  For those of you who haven’t seen it or heard about it, a Supreme Being of  sorts is engineering everyone’s life according to plan, using angels to make sure that everyone is following theirContinue reading ““A Free Faith. . .With an Unconditional Guarantee””

“The Outlaw Thieves. . .Stealing His Thunder”

I’m still thinking about yesterday.  It was the little Desperado’s day in court.  The outcome was Spectacular.  “Forever, not guilty”.  Who knew?    God knew before He created the universe.  He knew all things then  and wrote them down in the Book Of Life.  Each day that arrives is simply another page turned over, a newContinue reading ““The Outlaw Thieves. . .Stealing His Thunder””