Perfect Peace Part 6, “The White Stone”

When the kids were much younger, we moved to Tucson Arizona and lived there for a year.  There were two boys who lived next door to us.  They were older than my son Ben who was almost four at the time.  The brothers were always fighting.  They loved to play with Ben.  One day theContinue reading “Perfect Peace Part 6, “The White Stone””

Perfect Peace, Part 5 “Produce From the Garden”

I grew up on the South Side of Chicago and lived most of my adolescent life in a typical neighborhood.  The space between our house and the one next to us was called a “gangway” and it couldn’t have been more than six feet wide. We would smoke and at night, drink beers. Everyone hadContinue reading “Perfect Peace, Part 5 “Produce From the Garden””

Perfect Peace, Part 4 “Peculiar Perrenials”

     The room was pretty full.  As I looked around, there was quite a variety of God’s creatures.    All friends of the Creator.  “Hello, my name is Mike. . .and I’m a human.”  They all responded in unison. “Hello Mike.”  Another HA meeting.  Recovery.  Renovation.  Renewal.  A room full of hidden Treasure.  All wonderfullyContinue reading “Perfect Peace, Part 4 “Peculiar Perrenials””

Perfect Peace, Part 3 “Promising and Providing”

    Just now as I was looking at verses in the bible with the word “peace”, I was transported back in time.  It was the week before Christmas and I was in first grade.  I am a little teary-eyed right now because thoughts of my mom just arrived.  She was always proud of any littleContinue reading “Perfect Peace, Part 3 “Promising and Providing””

Perfect Peace, Part 2 “Predestined”

Could there be something that could happen anywhere in the universe and it catches the Creator by surprise?  We had a light rain last night. . .did He say, “Wow, I didn’t see that coming?  And how bout those Cubs?  I thought for sure they were going to the World Series. I had My moneyContinue reading “Perfect Peace, Part 2 “Predestined””