A Bowl of Life with Bananas

My favorite breakfast. This morning a Breath of Fresh Air came unexpectedly to my soul, and said, “When Your words came, I ate them. They are my joy and my heart’s delight; for I bear Your Name O Lord, God Almighty.”

He feeds the Elect children with the only food that their new heart craves, and their thirsty and hungry heart cries for, like newborn babes.
And He opens their mouth and with lovingkindness, He feeds them the Bread of Life. And washes the food down with Water from the River of Life. And includes some Fruit from the Spirit of life.

Each morning the little ones, the poor and needy ones, the tired and weary ones, the beggars and paupers, the publicans and prostitutes. . .all of the chief of sinners, eat from the Breakfast right off the Eternal Menu, the exact breakfast determined for them before the creation of the world. Each day, A Perfect Breakfast from His Good and Perfect Will.

A bowl of Life with Bananas. Heavenly Food,